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Your-Studios.com - We Make Games (YourMafia.com & YourMobster.com)

Your-Studios.com was founded by Miles & Codez, who recently broke into the browser gaming industry with their explosive hit YourMafia.com.  What makes their games different than most MMORPG is that they key their games emergent.  They work closely with plays to ensure that the game goes in the direction of the majority of users.

Now Your-Studios is about to release a second game, Your Mobster, which will provide another playing field for the Mafia MMORPG players.  Currently in the market you find poorly coded sites with owners who are about the money rather than the quality of their game.  Our philosophy of providing players what they want has been a massive success.

Your-Studios also has other ventures such as UltimateCOD.com which we work closely with players from Call Of Duty and we use technology to auto-import Call Of Duty Streamer’s feeds.

We have many more projects in the works, although at this time we can’t disclose.

Please Enjoy!

Codez & Miles


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