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Your Mafia is a level and stats based mafia game. You can start by committing crimes for money, crimes require nerves. Gain better stats by hitting the gym, which required energy. Use your resources wisely and make connections in order to survive the ruthless crime environment. If you feel strong enough, enter a cage fight for easy money. Bank your unused earnings or you’ll be mugged and left nothing but regret. Welcome to the tough world of Your Mafia.


your mafia game

Closer look at the trending Your Mafia browser game. The game is less than 3 months old and they are already maintining about 40-75 active members at all times. Now this is a very good result for such a short time span. Not only that, they also have over 500 members from the initial launch. We usually don’t see this kind of growth for mafia based games so this is worth a mention.

We don’t know what their secret is, but we’ve seen a lot of positive feedback about the game which you can check below and looks like they are doing something right. It is confirmed that they are currently the fastest growing MMORPG in mafia games section. If you enjoy mafia games and haven’t already signed up, then you’re missing out.


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